Changing the Game: Ramp Corporate Spend Management Solutions 

Changing the Game: Ramp Corporate Spend Management Solutions 

Implementing Seamless Solutions

As we help our clients streamline finance and accounting processes so that they can focus on mission-critical work, we have long recognized the need for a product that simplifies company accounts payable and credit card management processes. One of the main challenges that our clients have faced when closing their books is the gathering and capturing of receipts and the accurate coding of expenses in a timely fashion. Knowing these challenges across industries, it was enlightening to learn about Ramp, a platform that offers seamless solutions for company spend and credit card management. While learning about this product was enlightening, using it and helping our clients implement it has transformed the way we work.  

What Sets Ramp Apart?

Below are some of the things that our firm and our clients love about Ramp. 

  • Simple user interface with outstanding user experience and notifications 
  • Attentive customer service & integration support  
  • 1.5% cash back on all credit card transactions  
  • Real-time receipt capturing in-app and through email forwarding and integrations 
  • Integration with a wide array of accounting platforms  
  • Built-in internal controls for both accounts payable and credit card management functions  
  • Virtual & digital card options  
  • Simplicity of reconciliation  
  • Ability to send checks, ACH, and credit card payments to vendors  
  • Vendor engagement and communication – timely notifications 
  • Capturing vendor W9 information  
  • Employee spend programs for reimbursements, travel, and other company spending  

Looking Ahead

Ramp is focused on innovation and the streamlining of day-to-day financial management processes. Its current products and services are just a sample of what is to come for this groundbreaking company, and we are thrilled to be among the early adopters.  

We’re Here to Help

If Ramp is something that is of interest to you or your company, we’d welcome a conversation about how this platform can help you. Find time here or email us at

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