TWICE: A New Dawn in Oral Care – Branding, Innovation, and Impact

TWICE: A New Dawn in Oral Care – Branding, Innovation, and Impact


When shopping for oral care products, vibrant yellow packaging might have caught your eye in the toothpaste aisle. This newly emerging oral care brand, TWICE, is a company with a mission and purpose as brilliant as its branding. This blog explores how this new brand exploded into the highly competitive oral care market and challenged market norms with its wellness-centered approach and innovative branding. 

The global toothpaste market is highly competitive, with longstanding brands Crest, Colgate, Oral B, and Sensodyne as industry leaders. Projected to grow to over $21B over the next 5-7 years, the industry is shifting with increased interest in oral health and demand for vegan and anti-cavity products. With brand loyalty and price sensitivity raising the industry’s competitive factors, new entrants must grab consumers’ attention and present a value proposition that prompts buyers to try something new. TWICE achieves that through innovative branding and an evolving product line focusing on oral wellness.


TWICE is an oral care brand that aims to spread a smile to everyone on the planet through its holistic oral health system that combines innovative science and clean ingredients for better mouth-body balance. Co-founded in 2018 by Lenny Kravitz, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, and brothers Julian and Cody Levine, TWICE’s dynamic products reflect the company’s founding philosophy that “a healthy mouth is a healthy self.” TWICE’s unique offering of oral care kits, toothpaste, and oral rinses are plant-based, eliminating synthetic ingredients wherever possible. 

The company’s wellness-centered approach is derived from the founder’s oral health missions to Rwanda and the Bahamas, where they set up free dental clinics and restored the smiles of communities with minimal access to dental care. Witnessing the confidence that restored smiles gave so many in the communities that they served inspired the TWICE founders to create a brand that prioritized humanity over vanity. 

A Case Study In Clever Branding 

As a new entrant into any highly competitive market, grabbing customer’s attention is one of the key elements in gaining market share. TWICE has made a splash in the market with its bright yellow packaging that is not only eye-catching, but it challenges an industry where the color blue has long represented freshness and cleanliness in toothpaste branding. TWICE’s brand strategy also takes a color once associated with “yellow teeth” and redefines it to signify the brightness, connection, and love that its products represent. Along with challenging the industry’s color theory, TWICE cleverly integrates the Mayo Clinic’s recommendation to brush your teeth twice daily in its company name, encouraging its customers to “smile twice.” 

Early Brand Recognition & Awards

Among the many recognitions the company has received since its 2018 launch, Cosmopolitan Magazine has highlighted TWICE as one of the 9 Best Whitening for Sparkly Teeth (2022). In 2023, TWICE’s innovative branding won a Glossy Beauty award for Best Brand Launch Campaign and a Dieline Award for “Best in Packaging.” 

The Wrap Up  

We had the pleasure of meeting TWICE Co-Founder Julian Levine just before the company’s rebranding in 2021 and have been amazed at its ascent since. TWICE’s position at the intersection of disruption and innovation is a testament to entrepreneurial passion, altruism, and fearless risk-taking. TWICE is positioned to be a competitive force in the toothpaste industry, and it all started with a spark of inspiration. 

To learn more about this company and to purchase their products, visit

In addition to its online store, TWICE’s products are available in retail outlets such as Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Amazon. 

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